Registration information

Cost - $40 entry fee paid at time of online registration.


Your entry fee of $40 per person allows you to compete in up to 5 events.

The more events you enter, the more points you receive for your Dojo.

By registering for the KKA Champs, competitors indemnify KKA and all its staff and volunteers for any costs or liabilities which they may incur as a result of the competitor’s participation at the event.

Participation is at the competitor’s own risk.

Registration requires a Kihapp account which enables real time results and draws. Competitors Dojo/school, name and results will be displayed on the day during the event only and removed on closure of the event. Having an account allows amendments to entries later and details can be used in subsequent tournaments where information can be copied from a previous entry.

An account holder is able to add multiple competitors once set up, so this can be used as a per family or per Dojo Registration. You must register an individual before you can create/join a team (see below info for team registration)

Covid-19 Policy

As we all know the NZ Government can implement Level 2 or higher restrictions at any time. Should we be placed into Level 2, its likely we need to restrict the numbers of competitors and spectators. Although not ideal the use of 2 gyms allows room for the Level 2 measures. Should we be placed into Level 3 the event will be postponed.

Note: Kihapp registration works best in Chrome, if it keeps loading on payment screen try updating your browser

Team Registrations

To participate in Team Kumite or Team Kata, each team must pick one person to act as a team leader who will be responsible for registering the team details.

The team leader needs the team codes for all team members.

If you are the team leader, you can ask for the others to forward their team codes to you. 

(If you aren't planning on participating in Team Kumite or Team Kata, you can disregard this info.)

Full KKA Champs rules can be found here

For those who prefer not to register for Kihapp, you can email with your name, grade, events you want to register for and on receipt of payment (must be before 31 May 2021) you will be sent confirmation of your registration.