Welcome to the Kapiti Karate Academy, where you can have fun while getting in shape and learning an age-old traditional Martial Art that has been adapted for modern day application.


Our qualified, experienced and friendly instructors are all volunteers.  We do this because we are passionate about Martial Arts and we enjoy helping people of all ages, shapes and sizes to develop themselves in the physical, mental and spiritual ways of Shotokan Karate.


Our Values:-

Respect, Honor, Courtesy, Self-Control, Discipline, Effort, Confidence, Focus, Awareness, Safety, Goal setting & Tradition


You will enjoy the many challenges of a karate workout which exercises the entire body. Stretching for flexibility, strength conditioning, breathing techniques and aerobic exercises. Additionally you will benefit from learning a practical self defense system. 

The Academy was founded in February 2014 by Allan Youl (3rd Dan Shotokan and 1st Dan in 2 other karate styles) and is affiliated to the SIA Shotokan International Alliance under the guidance of Sensei Edmond Otis (8th Dan) 

We have classes for all ages, starting from 4 years old. Great for kids in developing coordination and focus. Plus lots of fun with a few games thrown in.
Our adult training can be as hard and challenging as you want to make it. We will encourage you to push yourself beyond your perceived limits.  This type of training and philosophy can benefit anyone in all aspects of their lives.